Monday, July 9, 2012

The Case of the Missing Drugs or Never Cave In.

Look at the concern on that face.  You can almost feel the worry emanating from your computer screen.  This is the face of a woman who just found out that all her medications and vitamins were left in a hotel room 5 hours away.  Poor Kelly is now playing the "Find the Pharmacy" game in the hopes that a CVS down the road can refill her prescriptions.  As she worked on the challenge, the rest of us were getting ready to head out from Livingston to Missoula, Montana with stops at the Lewis and Clark Cave and an old prison/museum in Deer Lodge. Kelly's tale has a happy ending--not only was she able to refill her prescriptions in Missoula, but the trip to the CVS there went right past an amazing ice cream store which, in the spirit of adventure, we felt it was our duty to try.
Her "never cave in" spirit was exemplified even more so by her father and son this day.  On the recommendation of a local, Wayne really wanted to see the Lewis and Clark Cave off of I-90.  Unfortunately, there was a 3/4 mile walk uphill to the entrance of the cave which was especially taxing for Wayne.  You can see the challenge on his face at this rest stop:


But with Cameron's and Kelly's coaching and encouragement,  Wayne never gave up.  He made it to the entrance and enjoyed the magnificent views and fascinating legends of this western treasure.

The next stop was the old Montana State Prison, founded in the late 19th century and operational  for about 100 years. 

Unfortunately, the prison museum was about to close when we got there, but Wayne and Cameron were able to find employment within...

The best part of the day for me?  That yummy-to-the-tenth-power ice cream shop in Missoula, The Big Dipper.  All unique homemade flavors. I had a mexican chocolate/chai /coconut combo.  Oh yeah!  After that treat, we all decided we could live in Missoula.


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  1. So glad everything worked out with the meds.
    Puts a different light on the phrase... "Write when you get work." :o)
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie