Tuesday, July 10, 2012

We Made It to the Coast!

In some ways, making it to the coast seems like the final destination on a road trip-probably because it is hard to drive past it!.But like the majesty of the mountains, there is an awesomeness to the coast.  Although the day was gray and cooler than we liked, the Oregon Coast was gorgeous.  Kelly's inner beach bunny was in overdrive at the first site of the water and she wanted to pull over at every other turn for another picture of the ocean view.

The highlight of the day for her was Seal Cave.  The largest ocean front cave in the country, it is the home to tons (literally) of migrating sea lions. We went down to the cave in an elevator that marked the feet we descended instead of floor numbers.

We learned enough about seals and sea lions that would have made me a great contestant in the water mammal category on Jeopardy.  I'll take Sea Lions for $200, Alex.
Unfortunately, there was no flash photography in the cave, so you'll have to be content with a picture of the seal statue above the cave:

Our next stop on highway 101 were the Sand Dunes. We pulled up to a local grocery store and behind it were sand dunes as far as the eye could see.  Cameron raced in and immediately climbed the shifting sands to the top.  Wayne didn't let anything stop him, even if he had to climb on all fours. Cameron ran back to lend him a hand up to the top.

It wasn't long before Wayne owned the dunes, looking very funky but sheik!

On to Medford, Oregon  for the night.

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