Friday, July 6, 2012

Fire and Ice

Our day started in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, home of the Grand Tetons and a popular ski destination. Although the 85 degree weather was rather detrimental to any nearby snowbunnies, our crew still enjoyed the phenomenal view on top of the ski lift:


The snow-capped mountains of the Tetons and the cool, clear water of Jackson Lake seemed to renew us at an almost spiritual level as we would stand in awe at the scenes unfolding  at every turn as we drove through the National Park.

Moving from the icy mountains to the warmth of the people, the town of Jackson was kind enough to throw a parade for us when we arrived (although there are some cynics who call it a Fourth of July Parade).


Traveling north, Teton National Park flows into Yellowstone Park. If you will excuse the texting reference, "OMG!!!" This is the first place I have seen that I recommend for everyone's bucket list!  Unfortunately, all we had time for was Old Faithful Geyser and a steam field further on by the side of the road.

 Prior to seeing this, I thought Yellowstone was this one geyser.  The area Old Faithful is in has a handful of geysers steaming continually and occasional spewing forth in ghostly flumes.

The geeky, foodie side of me was especially impressed with this small hole in the ground, about the size of a good sized soup pot, that was boiling madly all by itself.  I kept wanting to throw spaghetti in it and see how quickly it would be ready for a nice marinara sauce...

The sun was beginning to set as we started traveling north to our hotel room for the night.  We were again amazed by the numerous puffs of steam that dotted Yellowstone's landscape,  Seeing an abundance of these puffs over a stream and near a bridge, we pulled over on a whim. 
What a whim!!! Crossing the bridge, we could take a walkway that leads you right through the steam field. Add to this an absolutely gorgeous sunset and suddenly, your 4G network becomes woefully inadequate!

Whether you believe in intelligent design or not, Someone sure knew what they were doing when this natural masterpiece was created.

Stay tuned for our next adventure: The Case of the Missing Drugs or Never Cave In.


  1. Beauitful part of the country... Full of images of majesty, magic and mystery.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. That sunset still glows in my mind!