Monday, July 9, 2012

Challenges and Blessings

Lest you think we are living too much of  the easy life on this trip (not that I am complaining), we decided to add another challenge before we headed out to the home of cousins Marty and Vince in Washington State.  We decided to play that classic game, "Who has the car key?"
Is it in the back of the car?


Is it in the middle or maybe the front of the car?


Maybe we should empty the car out.

"Oh look at what I found in this cup! I wonder how it got in here?"

And 45 minutes after our original boarding time, we were on the road.

As we headed out, we thought about some of the challenges on this trip and recognized that each challenge brought with it a blessing.  One of my friends, Darin Haas, jokingly compared the early water fiasco to a baptism of our van,  That analogy made our journey seem more special--even blessed.  If we didn't have to go to a CVS store in Missoula for Kelly's meds, we never would have discovered that phenomenal ice cream store and I KNOW that was a blessing.  While looking for the car key, I went back in the hotel room to search and discovered that we left one of our pillows on the bed--something that would have been greatly missed for the rest of the journey.  I think grace is always with's just more of a challenge for us to see sometimes.

Our journey continued though the skinny part of Idaho and then on to Spokane, Washington where we had a delicious lunch at the Peekaboo Bistro.  Wanting to see a bit of the city before we journeyed on, we were told to check out the newly remodeled Davenport Hotel.  Since some of the food from the Bistro found a home on Wayne's shirt, he decided he needed to change before we entered this classy hotel...

Now that we were more gentrified, we could enjoy the beauty of the hotel.

Yes, that is a Starbucks.  :)

Kelly especially appreciated the HD fish tank. She felt she could keep CGI fish alive in her classroom.

That night we arrived at the home of King cousins, Vince and Marty Smith.  They bravely welcomed our quasi-motley crew into their home and made us feel as comfortable as...well,.. as kings!!!  We couldn't have had a lovelier visit with nicer people.  More on that tomorrow.

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