Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Plans, Preparations and the Laughter of God...

First blog entry. Hey, I'm tryin' here...  :)

Begin this adventure with a spirited Grandpa wanting to give his newly graduated Grandson the gift of  the American West.  Add the loving Mother hoping for a little more time with her Son before he goes off to college in the fall.  And just for fun, sprinkle in the slightly goofy Aunt, who is on her own journey of discovery.

Throw in our amazing country, some friends and relatives along the way, a few phenomenal landmarks, lots of regionally tempting treats and enough minor mishaps to make the trip interesting and you have the makings of  "The Ultimate Road Trip!"

Today marks Day Five of the trip, so I (the above mentioned Slightly Goofy Aunt) will need to do a bit of catch up.  Why am I starting so late on this blog-diary of the trip? Making friends with my daughter's netbook took a bit longer than I anticipated--one of those "minor mishaps."

Catch Up Time: Planning Phase--
Saving money, clearing schedules, packing clothes are all typical trip planning activities.  Yet each person on this trip had their own plans and preparations.Grandpa Wayne spent hours going over different western destinations trying to make this trip as memorable and enjoyable as possible.  Kelly (the Mom) was determined that we should have healthy snack options on our vacation (I won't mention that she was also the one that insisted we find Chicago pizza for supper on our first night). Her preparations included a cooler full of yogurts, cottage cheese, fruits as well as a shopping bag full of quasi-healthy noshes.

Son/Grandson Cameron is the Tech wizard of the trip--and it is amazing how outfitted we are for a nature-focused journey. But then how can we share the awesomeness of nature with out ipad resolution?

As for me, Patti, I am working on this blog for those we love, and also plan on working on that journey of discovery. My hope is that we will all grow and discover much about ourselves and our world on  this trip.

It is late and I am tired now. I will continue the quick catch up later this day, along with sharing how we discovered the truth in the saying "Man makes plans: God laughs!"

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